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How to care for your Childs teeth

            At Dr Geoff Ross in Melbourne we are dedicated to helping parents take care of their children’s teeth from an early age to ensure they understand the importance of a consistent oral hygiene routine. Many parents can help encourage their children and teach the significance of good oral habits by […]

Give your child their best ever Christmas present: a fantastic smile

Dr Geoff Ross and our team of dental professionals in Melbourne can help establish excellent dental health for your child that can last a lifetime this Christmas. While the festive season often means a large consumption of chocolate, sweets and soft drink, it is important to also remember to care for your child’s baby teeth. […]

There Is Nothing Better For Your Oral Health than Your Natural Teeth

The Next Best Thing, However, Are Dental Implants Dental implants offer a comprehensive tooth replacement treatment unlike any other. One of the reasons that dental implants stand out against bridges and dentures is that dental implants are a whole tooth replacement. You see: dentures and bridges only replace the crown of the tooth (the part […]

Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry!

Are you unhappy with the overall look with your smile? With Dr Geoff Ross you can achieve a beautiful straight, white smile without prolonged treatment! Whether your smile is crooked, discoloured or imbalanced to the rest of your facial features, Dr Geoff Ross, an esteemed dentist in Melbourne, can help! Did you know that your […]

Don’t Knock What You’ve Got: Dr Geoff Ross guides you through preventive dentistry

Prevention of dental problems can save you time, money and a lot of pain… It’s always a good idea to try and maintain the things you have, including your teeth. Teeth are a lot like cars, they require frequent servicing, cleaning and care, and if something is wrong with your teeth you should see your […]

Ex-supermodel loses teeth in car crash

Ex-supermodel Paula Hamilton crashes car and loses four front teeth Recently retired supermodel Paula Hamilton swerved off the road in a bid to save a mother deer and its fawn. The ex-model hit a lamppost and as a result of the trauma, lost four of her front teeth! Although Paula has had many offers to […]